Our fresh ORGANIC ingredients, ‘secret recipe’ sauce, and our BRAND NEW 70-hour fermented dough makes 70 Pizzeria the most award-winning pizza place on the North Shore.

70 Pizzeria Pizza with Attitude

Located on the beautiful North Shore in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 70 Pizzeria sits among many historic sites. Nestled in-between Harmony Donut Shop and the famous Queens Cross Pub, 70 Pizzeria is located on 29th Street and Lonsdale Ave. Our style is open, relaxed, friendly, inclusive, and above all safe.

70 Pizzeria only uses the mixture of flours for pizza certified by the Italian flour mill “Le 5 Stagioni” and the natural yeast coming from Italy, which makes pizza light and easy to digest. You’ll taste the difference, 100%.

Our pizzas are baked to perfection and then left to sit before cutting, delivering a tantalizing aroma, unique flavour and crisp crust that is the 70 Pizzeria way.

70 Pizzeria is the best in North Van, bar none. Get it in you!

– Jamie, a loyal customer
Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit Style

We’ve been told our Detroit style pizzas and other specialties have an attitude. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Sicilian Style Pizza

Sicilian Style

The 70 Pizzeria catering team has mastered the authentic Sicilian style pizzas or sfinciones. A must try, and certainly a popular selection!

New York Style

You can also savour our pizzas and the other New York style specialties whenever you want. We are just one single call away.